Sunday, March 22, 2009

Patrick Henry Land

[from Richmond,VA] So, I made a resolution in 2009 to become a bit more interesting. So… I decided to bite the bullet and blog. I think it’s a win win, as I become slightly more interesting and secondly its therapeutic and I get to forego $200 per hour for a therapist (double positive?). so, on with it. As you might know I’m an economic developer in Baton Rouge,LA and my organization takes 150 business leaders (for and not for profit) to similar/unique cities across the U.S. to generate interest in best practices/public policy that might be beneficial to baton rouge. This trip for me is all about stroking egos, however there are some moments where I can see value. For instance, today we visited the chapel where Patrick Henry gave is most famous speech “give me liberty or give me death” and not only was I bored out of my mind; I was completely embarrassed that my colleagues (said mildly) cheered like every other Medicaid recipient across our land (get the joke? Those taking the propaganda/handout). Here is the deal… the British imposed taxes on the colonies and the colonies decided to fight back so to protect decorum and rights (property, civil, etc…) , but what truly outrages me is that my colleagues have no freaking clues that today’s American government is more intrusive to our individual rights and liberty than Great Britain was during the day of Pat Henry and the Boston Tea Party(adjusted for inflation of course). When are we going to get mad? When is our Tea Party? That we have spent the future earnings of our children for just one more (just one more) hit of the bong? When are we going to realize that the $165 million of AIG bonus (although stupid and really freaking embarrassing) were made under sound contracts. AND just so you know… contracts are our medium for business/exchange. It is an important attribute in a capitalist society. Cheers! (I’ve decided that I’m not editing – just posting in the most unforgiving way—less stress-- less work--no editing).

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