Saturday, March 28, 2009

Reflections on the GDC

The last game I played intensely was Ages of Empires for the PC and 007 (bond) for Nintendo 64 and that was almost eight years ago. I’m 26 years old and besides the constant reminders of my 10 year high school reunion looming later this year the gaming industry is the only industry I’ve come into contact with that makes me truly feel old and outdated. I’m beginning to think that the speed and adaptability of technology will one day cannibalize itself leaving us without the primal knowledge’s of our ancestors (i.e. not knowing how to make fire with two rocks) Here is what I found:

  • 65% of American Households play computer or video games

  • The average game player age is 35

  • 40% of gamers are female and 60% are male, Women age 18 or older represent a significantly greater portion of the game-playing population (33%) than boys age 17 or younger(18%)

  • How long have gamers been playing? 13 years. Among most frequent gamers, adult males avg 15 years for game playing, females for 12 years

  • 38% of homes in America have a video game console – including me! only because I was given games and had no console to play them on

  • Video Game: Best selling by genres/units sold: Action (22.3%), Family Entertainment (17.6%), Sports Games (14.1%), Shooter (12.1%), Racing (8.3%), Role-playing (7.6%)

  • Top Selling Video Games of 2008: 1.Mario Kart Wii (5.1 million units) 2. Grand Theft Auto 4 (5m units) 3.Madden NFL 09 4.Super Smash Bros: Brawl 5.Wii Play with Remote 6. Guitar Hero 3:legends of rock 7. Wii Fit 8. Rock Band 9.Call of Duty 4 modern warfare 10. Call of Duty world at war

  • 36% of heads of households report they play games on wireless devices (cell/pda)

Do you think Baton Rouge could be the next center of excellence for game development on open source platforms (iPhone)? I do. iphone apps average development time is approximately two to five months with an average cost of $50,000 to $250,000!

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