Friday, March 27, 2009

Teddy's Juke Joint

as you know, im new at this blogging stuff. I have been saving my blogs, when i should have been posting them! go figure. here are some of the ones that should have been posted over the past three weeks!

BB King once said that “the beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you.” I couldn’t agree with him more. Learning about The Blues has taught me much more than the origins of the blue keys and the art of the African American folk music. It has taught me that everyone at some point in their lives feel pain, sorrow, joy, and contentment and it’s only through expression of these feelings that we grow.
After weeks of downloading various blues artist and torturing my staff with my loud singing (that I consider at least top 12 talent in the American idol blues version)… I ventured to Teddy’s Juke Joint in Zachary, LA. Walking in was a truly unique experience of blacks and whites, even people of Indian decent in the corner; all tapping their feet and nodding their head at the rhythm being belted from a shiny electric guitar. I slowly made my way to the bar and ordered my favorite love potion, Gin (preferably Tanguray) and Sprite. The manner in which I was

served foreshadowed the night to come (see the picture). That’s right…one bowl of ice, one class, one sprite can, and a bottle of Tanguray—plainly spoke “make it like you like it.” Later in the night I had the pleasure of meeting the famous Teddy along with the artist of the night Larry Garner. Teddy grew up in the now Jukejoint and has added room after room to enhance the space and vibe of the bar. This hole in the wall is a true testament of preserving a culture of self expression, triumph in hard times, and the good things in life (fill in the blanks).

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