Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Fishing with Friends

Today, I ventured out of the office early to go fishing with my friends Jamie, Jason, and Ty. I wasn’t worried about the 20 knot winds nor the potentially horrible backlash of leaving work early but more on the order of my friends meeting my family. I can’t quite explain it, but I tend to have this unending guilt about my true beginnings. However, after a good meal and camaraderie with my dad and his girlfriend my friends summed the experience up in three letters PWT. PWT stands for Pure White Trash…. And ya know im proud of my PWT beginnings… it has taught me to be kind to people that have less, seek to understand first, and never be too quick to judge as we may never know other people’s circumstances.
Of course… this is uncensored. Question of the day: What is the most important thing you know…
Jason: never, ever take the people that we love for granted… we all to often take for granted the most important aspects of our life… the time we spend with people… friends and family.
Jamie: I’m bad ass. Just kidding. The only thing you can do is be your best self… you have to own who you are!
Ty: … silence… because that’s when you truly get to know people!
Im truly blessed to have such awesome friends and family.

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