Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Morning Rituals

Do you have a morning ritual? My mornings throughout most of my life have been completely uncoordinated ---crawl out of bed, shower, run to work or class (usually late), and finally become alert around noon. This year, however I have committed to a one hour morning ritual:

8:30am: arrive/in my office

8:50am: by this time i have just spent 30minutes in silence-- nothing to read/review, just contemplating life. This is kinda my Zen time to look at life in retrospect-- am a good person? what is good? have i helped anyone recently? am i proud of where i am? -- this helps me get focused on the holistic side of life instead of work/post work/nightlife/etc...

8:50am: i begin my morning read in this order (1) New York Times (2) Drudge Report (3) The Dead Pelican (4) Andrew Sullivan (5) Facebook (6) Twitter at least one good article I've read this am that i might think people would want to read

9:20am: off to El Bano for the morning read of the local news paper, The Advocate

9:30am: open Outlook Email and begin the days work...

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