Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Office Stuff

It’s interesting; today I leaned back in my office chair, placed my feet upon the desk and just looked around my office. It’s amazing what you find and the memories you relive when we take a moment to pause to notice the details of our surroundings. My observations:
· A calendar on the wall still set to January 2008
· A quote posted to the wall that says “Some will do our jobs well and some will not, but we will all be judged by only one thing --- the result” VL
· A rendering of what the new building will look like on LSU’s campus to house the Center for Computation Technology and EA Sports
· A letter tacked to the wall from one of the most powerful attorneys in Baton Rouge (who was also a board member of the chamber) threatening to sue me for misleading his client. I did no wrong and he knew it, but his client insisted on sending a scary letter – I hope the billable half hour was worth it
· A bar napkin with the our team business plan from 2006—the good ole days
· A picture of me and John McCain when I was in DC and a republican
· A dead plant (opps)
· A Chinese fortune cookie that says “you are surrounded by true friends”
· An “Easy Button” from the Staples contact service center we located to BR in 2006 (400 jobs)
· An antique deep-sea fishing pole
· An American Flag
· A picture of Ben Harper, a reminder of the awesome road trip to San Fran/San Diego
· 2008 New Year’s resolutions
· A handwritten letter from my mother dated 8/25/08 “…I love you so much only God knows… please continue to grow, but never lose sight of how you get there”
An office filled with stuff and each item brings back memories of a passion that has since just become job. Change seems to be the only constant in our lives---

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ok, so two weeks without blogging.... sorry. Since the Milken Institute I've been incredibly busy with work and personal drama, but pressure seems to be easing a bit. --- I'm back.

Here is a song I've been addicted to lately. Enjoy!