Monday, June 15, 2009

Ship Faced Sundays

Wow. I have really dropped the ball on this whole blog thing.  So much to cover-- over the past few weeks.  I've been to Louisville, Myrtle Beach, Mobile and Pensacola.... and this weekend I am headed to Nashville.  

Besides the travel I've decided to devote my time away from work this summer to just a few items: Friends, Fun, and Boating.   I have a 23ft center console (ideal for fishing,but does the job for cruising the river) named "Ship Faced."  After much thought on what our sundays on the lake would be called, we settled on "Ship Faced Sundays." Our crew leaves the Canal Bank dock on the diversion canal at 11:00am and heads for Lake Maurepas.  We typically spend a couple of hours on the west side sandbar, then make our way to the famous river bar, The Prop Stop on the Tickfaw River.  The Prop Stop is famous for their drinks known as the Worm Buckets; yes they are actually served in styrofoam worm buckets.  After the Prop Stop we make a short stop to see the happenings at the east side sandbar, and eventually make it back to Blind River Bar forcajun/zydeco music, hamburgers, and ice cold beer.  Checkout some of the pictures located on our facebook group  

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