Monday, June 4, 2012

Red Snapper Season

Being on the water is truly my therapy, wether its fishing or just boating.  This weekend a few friends and I took an early morning trip to Venice, La ... what i consider to be the Fishing Capital of the Gulf to participate in the opening of Red Snapper season.   As to be expected we had a blast and caught our limit.   The seas were fairly calm and allowed us to run due south out of Southwest Pass to reach about 300 foot of water. The big snapper action came just a few feet off the bottom, which was pretty hard to reach when I was unprepared to fish at that depth.  It seems using 6 oz. weights take the bait about 10 minutes to reach the bottom in 360 foot of water.  Although the time spent waiting on the bait to reach the floor was well worth it... every time equaled a strike!

As for bait we tried everything from froze pin fish, pogies, hard tails, cigar minnows but the most action came on squid.  The frozen fish mostly attracted sharks, which is quite aggravating.  Overall the day was wildly successful and I can't wait to do it all over again!   I now have my sights set on the Alabama Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo coming up next month.

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